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Sierra Blanca Global Construction

Professional high quality construction and building renovation.

High quality construction services and luxury homes in Marbella
Sierra Blanca Global – Experienced Builder of Luxury Homes
Construction Experience in Marbella
Professional high quality construction and building renovation

Sierra Blanca Global – Experienced Builder of Luxury Homes

We specialize in custom luxury homes, crafted to your taste and specifications.

We are focused and committed to exceptional quality, our construction combines high quality workmanship and materials, to complement contemporary and modern living.

We manage all phases of the construction project life cycle, and we pride ourselves have the ability to address any sort of projects, regardless its complexity.

Construction Experience

The experience of Sierra Blanca Global Projects covers residential, and commercial projects; we are experts in building high-end luxury homes.

Over 20 years of experience building exceptional quality Projects, and we pride ourselves on surpassing expectations of timing, quality and performance.

We finish ever project successfully: always on time, and within the budget of our customers.

Development Expertise

Sierra Blanca Global Projects is the original builder of one of the most prestigious apartments complex in Spain, in the most luxurious urbanization from Marbella: Marbella Sierra Blanca.

Our qualified and professional team implement new building technologies of superior quality, and participate actively through all phases of the project life cycle.

We have the ability to perform on challenging sites and locations, and work for individual customers building their luxury homes, but also have the knowledge and the expertise to face the construction of housing developments.

Our Management Team

  • Site Manager
  • Building Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Site Foreman

Send us a copy of your project; we would be delighted to offer a construction solution that best suits your requirements